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         We'll do the Heavy Lifting for you      



The Paradigm is Shifting and We are the Driver


Seattle Tower Crane specializes in the small tower crane market for the wood frame apartments. We are bringing unique products to Seattle through a partner company that has a exclusive Saez Distributorship. Thinking that you need a Self-Erecting crane? We can help with that. Or we can show you how you can save and gain 26% in capacity while on a smaller footprint with a Saez S52.  
Instead of having one large crane, what if we can deliver two smaller cranes for the same price or less? Less overtime, twice the production... how would that affect your General Conditions budget? 


The Conventional and More

Traditionally Tower Crane Erectors put up tower cranes  and construction hoists. That is the extent of the business model. At Seattle Tower Crane, we are doing that and more. We have ownership in cranes that we lease. We can service your cranes (all types) with technicians on staff. Through a partner we are distributing Saez tower cranes and telehandler forklifts. We can install your site lighting, supply you with obstruction lighting, get a transformer for the crane for lighted signs, and more. If you need a turnkey package, we can facilitate that. Give us a call and let us show you how our service will become your new standard. 


Aggression & Experience

Erected & Load Tested the Same Day