Elevek Hoists

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Construction Personnel Hoists

Seattle Tower Crane is a distributor of Elevek Construction Personnel Hoists. Elevek makes 5 types of hoists. Three are Personnel Hoists, and two are Materials Hoists. For Personnel Hoists, they have a 3 person hoist that can help you meet the 60’ rule to access a building at an affordable rate. A 4400 lb car that runs at 130’ per minute enables easier attachment to wood frame projects. You’ll struggle to find others offering this advantage. And of course we can do 7000 lb cars that run at 197’ per minute with 13’ long cars.
Name the option. We have it.

Materials Hoists

Elevek’s Material Hoist operate on a Call to Floor Principle. Once you load up the car and close the gates, the person on the floor calls the car to them. No operator is required, and no one can ride the car. The savings is greater than the cost of the hoist. With cars up to 4400 lbs that are 10’ long and 5’ wide with a conventional through gate at each end, the large car also has a 10’ long side gate. You can load it with a forklift. And if that isn’t enough to make you need this, it also can be erected and dismantled with a davit and no mobile crane is needed. This 4400 lb option is among the best elevator innovations we have ever seen. We’ll be looking to deliver in early 2020.

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Mast Climbers

Mast Climbers found in North America are over-sized and over-priced. Elevek makes a beautiful Twin Mast 8800 lb climber that reaches out to 130’ long. A balancing bar is just one of their innovations. These Mast Climbers are very straight forward and easy to assemble. They are built to the most current European standards that drive the rest of the world. If you need to get access and want to keep your workers productive with their work always at the right level, you need our Mast Climbers. Call for a quote. The pricing is about what you’d pay for a typical 15 year old model from North America.