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We have a variety of tower cranes available. Below you’ll find our current range.  


Tower Crane Brochures

The bold typeface takes you to the brochure for the crane and you can download or print them. 

Flat top Range

TL-50 - Small top-slewing flat top. At 134 feet of jib it would be well suited to be an inexpensive option for tight locations. Runs Via remote control and we can set it up on a crossbase to avoid the expense of a foundation.

TL55 - Capable of having 181' of boom. This crane is perfect for most wood framed buildings if configured with 147' of boom. The towers are only 3.9 feet wide making this an option for elevators, stairwells, or even small notch outs. It would also lessen the costs associated with engineering openings in your building that need to be filled in later. This crane can also be ran via remote which could allow the operator to be the rigger as well. 

TLS 65 - 213' of boom. Now we are getting into the concrete capable cranes. They can be configured in many different ways. With an 8 Metric Ton hoist that runs in 4 part operation to lessen the cost of the hoist motor, gearbox, and ropes, or set up with a 8 ton 2 part operation to save some complexity and get more line speed at 452 feet per minute compared to 340. Or, you can also configure it with a 10 ton hoist in the event you need that extra capacity. 

San Marco SMT550 - This 2015 crane just runs without missing a beat. In 2018 it ran for an entire year without a single service call. It’s capable of reaching out to 181’. For typical woodframe construction. it’s best suited at 157’ and below in reach so you can get that bunk of plywood to the edges of the project. The towers are 3’-9” wide. This saves on trucking and space on the site. You can have smaller block outs, or we can put it in the elevator or stairs so you can save on the foundation costs. We typically erect this crane in 5 hours with a 90 ton crane. It delivers on 3-4 trucks. We set the anchorage with a telehandler or excavator in often 20 minutes. Each step of the way just leads to more savings with the San Marco SMT550.

Saddle Jib

Liebherr 100LC - Up to 164’ of reach. It has a hoist capable of 13,230 lbs out to 50 feet. It’s the little crane that can hoist the larger of the mini-excavators. The heaviest part on this crane is 8000 lbs. It’s affordable to rent, and affordable to erect.

Luffing Tower Cranes

Comedil CTL140 17,600 lbs of line pull. 164’ of reach. The fastest Luffing jib in town. The CTL140 is the smallest luffer in Seattle. We can erect these cranes and load test them the same day if we run long. If you need to avoid air-rights issues, we have the solution at hand.

Comedil CTL180. 35,000 lbs of line pull capacity and 180’ of reach. The CTL 180 is a great medium sized luffing tower crane. It’s still a one day crane erecting process. It’s the proper balance of capacity and ease of erecting and dismantling.

Liebherr 100LC

Liebherr 100LC

San Marco SMT550

San Marco SMT550