A Purpose Built Solution

The days of loading items in and out of a building by any means necessary are in the past. Seattle Tower Crane is delivering OGEI Material Hoists as the safe, fast, and inexpensive option.

Whether you are doing TI work, or you are scrapping out and loading up a new building, we can help. Instead of using forklifts with traffic control and needing fall arrest to have people bring materials in, with our hoists, you have a platform that comes up to the floor that you can walk into with fall protection in place. It literally saves time and money at every step while being safer.

These units rent out at $91 a day. It’s less than minimum wage, but it does the work of ten people as it lifts 2200 lbs up at 82’ per minute. STC and OGEI are delivering the best ROI your project will realize.

OGEI Material Hoists raise and lower to the floors with a selector knob. Turn it until you find the floor you desire and push the up button. When it reaches the floor, it stops automatically. Basic training is needed, but no dedicated operator is required.